Continuous professional development Enabling you to focus your time more effectively To Hi, try the CD-Rom 18 Euro Car IT
11.1 Continuous professional development
11.2 Enabling you to focus your time more effectively
11.3 To
11.3.1 Help you get to the bottom line
11.3.2 Identify strengths and weaknesses
11.3.3 Target scarce resource for maximum benefit
11.4 Hi, try the CD-Rom 18 Euro Car IT
This module is about an understanding of IT knowledge and user competence from a suite of computer applications perspective.
Within the context of using Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office encompassing Information Technology Concepts, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Presentations, Information and communication.
The Title Euro Car IT combines IT Knowledge and user competence with one's automobile as a mind visual connecting framework.
Thus no topic is an island. Inter-dependant and inter-relationships are abound. Limited by one's imagination.
The CD-ROM you buy will have over 67 tapmindthemaps, a Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation alternative and a Web Page variation.
For example this module has been used for the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Part 2/Level 2 Certificate for IT users.
Have fun out there ...
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