REFERENCE RESOURCE TOOLS Modules about strategy perspectives Conducive to a shorter time gap between thought and action Comprehensive Authoritative For Rotation - JOB - Share Staff induction program Time - CONSTRAINTS - Resource To Deliver the basics Assist you in a user friendly way Maximising use and effectiveness Hi, try the CD-Rom 16 Best Employment School TRAINING RESOURCE TOOLS Who - What - Why - Where - How Structured approach encompassing Successful understanding Key point summarisation For Employee - Employer Record of practical experience (RPE) Training and development Advantage Competitive Marketability Hi, try the Atlas of Recommendations PROJECT RESOURCE TOOLS For Success pointers Setting strategies CEO / CFO / CIO Managing Director Employer - Employee - Third Party A plan Evaluation Innovation Knitting the mass of available material into one congruous whole To encourage you to seek out further information more Economically Efficiently Hi, try the CD-Rom 03 Whole Arterial Information LEARNING RESOURCE TOOLS Business and commerce Student Lecturer Better understanding Business Academic Real world Scope widening endeavours Digesting a library of Experience - knowledge Theory and Decision-Making Hi, try the 04 Business Creation Considerations SORTED - WHERE TO NOW ? WHAT ? WHO ? WHY ? HOW ? SHOP WHERE ? TAP MIND THE MAP Ltd.. Copyright 2001 - 2008. All Copyrights & Trademarks acknowledged and reserved. TAP MIND THE MAP LTD For Client / Customer / You A modular product series Lucidly encapsulating Business Commerce Modules Three core strategies Financial Business Information Scope to expand into areas Specific Inter-related Format variations TMTM (tapmindthemap)'S Powerpoint HTML Atlas of business and commercial success facilitator . PRESENTATION RESOURCE TOOLS Consultant preparing a lecture A fresh approach Enabling you to Visualize Conceptualize In a fun way Client - Customer Internal - External New - Existing Entity - Organization Department - Seminar Hi, try the CD-Rom 01 Financial Brain Score SUMMARY RESOURCE TOOLS Overview - checklist Brainstorming ideas Tapmindthemaps have also been referred to as Mind Maps Business Mapping Process Mapping Spider Diagrams Stakeholder Mapping Strategy Mapping Hi, try the CD-Rom 19 Control Risk Battlefield REVISION RESOURCE TOOLS Exams Professional - Vocational Business School  - University - College Full - TIME - Part E-Learning Expectations - Results Analysis Communication Knowledge Guide Assist to Picture examples Establish clarity Pin point Hi, try the CD-Rom 02 Body Business Temple SELF-DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE TOOLS Continuous professional development Enabling you to focus your time more effectively To Help you get to the bottom line Identify strengths and weaknesses Target scarce resource for maximum benefit Hi, try the CD-Rom 18 Euro Car IT