Who - What - Why - Where - How Structured approach encompassing For Employee - Employer Hi, try the Atlas of Recommendations
2.1 Who - What - Why - Where - How
2.2 Structured approach encompassing
2.2.1 Successful understanding
2.2.2 Key point summarisation
2.3 For Employee - Employer
2.3.1 Record of practical experience (RPE)
2.3.2 Training and development
2.3.3 Advantage Competitive Marketability
2.4 Hi, try the Atlas of Recommendations
This link takes you to a wealth of choice and opportunities concerning the world of Business and Commerce.
Significant scope of opinions, advice and recommendations ... with mind mapping and success tips categories.
Other categories structured around Activities: administering, preparing, processing, maintaining, receiving and scheduling.
Thus no topic is an island. Inter-dependant and inter-relationships are abound. Limited by one's imagination.
Have fun out there ...
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