Consultant preparing a lecture A fresh approach Client - Customer Hi, try the CD-Rom 01 Financial Brain Score
8.1 Consultant preparing a lecture
8.2 A fresh approach
8.2.1 Enabling you to Visualize Conceptualize
8.2.2 In a fun way
8.3 Client - Customer
8.3.1 Internal - External
8.3.2 New - Existing
8.3.3 Entity - Organization
8.3.4 Department - Seminar
8.4 Hi, try the CD-Rom 01 Financial Brain Score
This module is about Strategy from a Financial perspective.
The Title Financial Brain Score combines Financial Strategy with one's Brain as a mind visual connecting framework.
Thus no topic is an island. Inter-dependant and inter-relationships are abound. Limited by one's imagination.
The CD-ROM you buy will have over 54 tapmindthemaps, a Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation alternative and a Web Page variation.
For example a Consultant / Lecturer needing an overview summary or synopsis of Financial Strategy for a presentation could see the benefits for both Client and self with this module.
Have fun out there ...
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